How to ban a member in SMF 2.0

Part of maintaining a happy and thrivign community online includes dealing with unsavory members. These may be fake members that were set up for spam purposes, or they may be regular members that do not wish to adhere to your community’s standards of conduct. Below is a set of instructions that explain how to ban Read More >

How to manage users in membergroups in SMF 2.0

After learning how to create and edit membergroups in SMF, you will want to understand how to add and delete members to the groups. Post base groups do not need to have members added as they are assigned acutomatically as each member obtains the required post count. In order for users to be assigned or Read More >

Managing member groups in SMF 2.0

When dealing with a community site such as SMF 2.0, you may want to create different groups for your members to belong to. Some of them may be based on their function in the community, such as a guest, regular member, special member, moderator, or administrator. These types of groups can only be assigned by Read More >

Deleting a member’s account in SMF 2.0

When working with your members, you will run across the occasion to delete an account. You may simply want to prune the user list of inactive usernames and banned members. The instructions in this tutorial explain how to remove a user’s profile from your SMF program from within the administration area. How to delete a Read More >

Changing a user’s password in SMF 2.0

As an site administrator/owner it is highly probable you will be doing many functions for your members. Arguably the most common function will be changing passwords. These can be chagned for many reasons, including security or the inability of the user to change it themselves for various reasons. This tutorial will guide you on how Read More >