An overview of an SMF forum community

Before deciding if the SMF forum software is for you, let us take a quick overview of how SMF, and community forum software in general, works. This will allow you to make a decision on whether this type of software is right for your website. Install The first thing you will need to do is Read More >

How to install SMF 2.0 with Softaculous

In this SMF 2.0 tutorial we will guide you on how to install the program using the Softaculous installer tool. Softaculous is a special program that installs other programs. This saves you time in setting up details such as databases and uploading files manually. Installing SMF 2.0 with Softaculous Log into your cpanel From your Read More >

How to manually install SMF

In this SMF introductory installation tutorial, we will demonstrate how to install the Simple Machine Forums (SMF) program manually. A manual installation means installing the program without the help of third party installer programs. This typically takes more steps than using installer programs such as Softaculous. Below are the steps to help you get started. Read More >