How to install a new theme in SMF 2.0

When working with your SMF community forum website, you will work hard to make it stand out. The most popular way to customize the site is to install a new theme, sometimes called a template. Themes and templates come in many different styles, so you may need to try a few to decide which is Read More >

Changing your logo in SMF 2.0

Customizing your community site can set you apart from other sites that use the default setup. You may want to replace your title with your own custom or company logo. This article explains how to replace the ehader title with your own logo using the SMF administrative dashboard. How to edit your logo in SMF Read More >

How to change the header title in SMF 2.0

Changing the header title of your board is usually one of the first changes people usually make to customize your board. This helps give your site a bit of identity and can help set it apart from other websites. A good title can also help with your site’s Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO. Follow Read More >

An overview of an SMF forum community

Before deciding if the SMF forum software is for you, let us take a quick overview of how SMF, and community forum software in general, works. This will allow you to make a decision on whether this type of software is right for your website. Install The first thing you will need to do is Read More >

How to edit group permissions in SMF 2.0

Editing user permissions is a simple, but important task for administrators. When you have a large group of users or members, you may want to divide them up into groups. These groups may have different permissions allowing the members different access to specific areas, or allowing them to do specific things. However, you may want Read More >

How to ban a member in SMF 2.0

Part of maintaining a happy and thrivign community online includes dealing with unsavory members. These may be fake members that were set up for spam purposes, or they may be regular members that do not wish to adhere to your community’s standards of conduct. Below is a set of instructions that explain how to ban Read More >

How to configure your SMF 2.0 censored words list

While administering your online community in SMF 2.0, you may want to add some words to a censor list. This prevents users from offending each other or posts possibly getting indexed by search engines under words you do not want them to. Using the instructions below, you will learn how to create your censored words Read More >