Using Captcha in Mambo

Stopping spammers from hitting forms in Mambo can be done using the Captcha option that is integrated into the Mambo administration back end.  The following article will show how to activate the Captcha option and how it appears within a website form. Activating Captcha within the Mambo Administration Back End Login to the Mambo Administration Read More >

Installing Google Analytics in Mambo

Mambo has a wide variety of plugins, but analyzing its traffic is often best done with a program like Google Analytics.  This allows you to evaluate website traffic in order to help determine the areas of the site which may need improvement.  The following article explains how to add Google Analytics in to your Mambo Read More >

How to Create a New Page in Mambo

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a new page in Mambo. New pages can be created in specific sections or categories in Mambo. In my tests I am adding a page to the Getting Started section. In the Image below you will notice there are currently only 3 pages in the Getting Started Read More >