How to Create an Email Autoresponder in Webmail

In this tutorial: What is an AutoResponder? When to use an AutoResponder How to Setup an AutoResponder What is an AutoResponder? An autoresponder is a feature within your email settings that allows you to automatically send a response when an email is sent to a specific email address. When should I use an AutoResponder? It’s Read More >

Email Calendars Explained

Many email clients have email calendars built into their applications to make it easy to keep track of important appointments and dates. Many popluar email clients allow you set up up reminders before an appointment, or if you have a meeting scheduled with multiple people the calendar can send emails to everyone scheduled to attend Read More >

How to Setup an Email Forwarder in cPanel & Webmail

In this tutorial: Create Forwarder in cPanel Create Forwarder in Webmail Domain Forwarder Email forwarding redirects incoming messages from one email address to a different email address. In this guide we show you how to setup Email Forwarders in your both your cPanel and Webmail. After that we take you through how to forward all Read More >

Adding an Email Signature

What is an Email Signature? An email signature is just like a signature added to the bottom of a letter you write. It adds your information to the end of each email you compose. A typical business signature may look like this: John Q. Smith Vice President of Marketing 757-555-1234 Why use a Read More >

Managing your Address Book

Keeping you email contacts organized can be tough, using your email client’s address book can help you stay organized. What is an Address Book? Remember the days when everyone used a dayplanner to store important phone numbers and contact information? Email address books are similar since they allow you to store important contact information and Read More >

Configuration Options and Editing your Email Profile

With almost every email client, you can change your account information whenever you please. Keep in mind email clients are all different but most will allow you to change the following settings: Display Name Language Time Zone Reply To: Email Address We have many articles explaining the different modifications you can perform with each of Read More >