Disabling main and secondary menus in Drupal 8

When working with Drupal 8, there are some menu categories that cannot be deleted, such as the Main and Secondary menus. These can, however, be disabled and thus not appear on your site if you so choose. Follow the instructions below to learn how to disable these menus in Drupal 8. How to disable main Read More >

Changing link order in Drupal 8 menus

Once you have created your menu, it is quite possible that you will add additional item links later and at some point, need to rearrange them. This is very easy to do within Drupal as it uses a weighting concept. Below is a quick guide on how to rearrange item links within your Drupal 8menus. Read More >

How to add items to your menus in Drupal 8

Adding item links to your menus Links are the meat and potatos of a menu. When clicked, they will send the visitor to another node (page, article, etc) within your Drupal site, or even to external site links. Whether you are wanting to add new items to existing menus or have just created a new Read More >

How to create a custom menu in Drupal 8

Although there are several default menus in the Drupal core, you have the ability to create your own custom menu from within the admin interface. This is done in two basic parts. The first part is to create the general structure of the menu and the second is to add indivdual links. Below are the Read More >