Resetting your Drupal 8 password

A forgotten password. This can send a second of terror through any site member as they try unsuccessfully to log in. This article will guide you on how to reset your password in Drupal 8. How to Reset your password Visit the main page of your website. For instance, Look just under the User Read More >

Fixing the magic_quotes error when installing Drupal 8

When manually installing Drupal 8, you may run across a common error after uploading the files. This error is in regrds to the magic_quotes settings of your server. If they are incorrect you will see an error message like this: PHP’s ‘magic_quotes_gpc’ and ‘magic_quotes_runtime’ settings are not supported and must be disabled. What does this Read More >

How to change your admin password in Drupal 8

In keeping with good security policy, it is important to change your password on a regular basis. Being the administrator, you have a different dashboard available to you than the normal users do. Changing your password within the admin dashboard is quick and easy in Drupal 8. Follow the instructions below to learn how. Changing Read More >

How to manually install Drupal 8

This article will guide you on how to install Drupal 8 manually. There are several steps to installing Drupal 8: Create the database Upload the files Run the Drupal installer Once you finish these steps your Drupal 8 installation will be ready for you to use to create your new site! Step 1: Creating the Read More >