Forcing comment approval in Drupal 8

Comments are great for allowing members to interact with one another, creating a community feel for your site. By default, Drupal allows the registered members to post comments immediately and without administrator approval. However, you may have users that either spam, flame each other, or simply post unrelated stuff in the comments. If that is Read More >

Disabling comments for Article content type in Drupal 8

Most content types in Drupal 8 do not have comments enabled by default, but the Article type does. You may disable comments on a node basis, but you may want to also disable comments for the entire Article content type. There are two ways to perform this and both have different results. Follow along below Read More >

Customizing your Comments field in Drupal 8

After creating your comment field for a specific content type, you will want to customize its settings so that it fits your ultimate design. This quick tutorial guides you on how the different settings of the comment field so you can tailor it for your specific data type. Log into your Drupal 8 admin area.. Read More >