Creating a comment section for your blog posts.

Once you install your blog module and can have created your first blog post content types, you may notice that there is no ability for visitors to leave comments. This is a normal feature for blogs and likely expected for your website visitors. They like to leave comments on blog posts so they can interact Read More >

Disabling comments for specific blog entries in Drupal 8

After creating your comment field for your blog post content type it will appear in every blog post node that is created. However, you may have posts where you do not want to allow comments or possibly even close down further comments on a post due to abuse. Follow this guide to learn how to Read More >

Installing and Enabling the blog module in Drupal 8

Blogging is one of the more popular online activities and the main reason some people create a website. For Drupal 8, however, the Blog module was removed from the core files. This in no way means that blogging is disabled or cannot be done within Drupal 8. You can find the Blog module at Read More >