Changing your URL in MediaWiki

In this tutorial we will show you how to change your URL in Mediawiki. This is useful when testing your site on a Shared SSL, or when you want to modify your domain name. It will be accomplished by editing the LocalSettings.php file. For this article I am changing the URL from: to: Read More >

Basic MediaWiki site overview

What is MediaWiki? MediaWiki is a free open source software designed to provide free information on the web. A major website online that uses MediaWiki is Wikipedia. Wikimedia developed MediaWiki by developing Wikipedia and Wiktionary. If you are developing a site that is intended for multiple users to edit the content and to provide free Read More >

Managing passwords and usernames in MediaWiki

In the event you cannot log into MediaWiki due to username or password failure, you can change passwords and/or find the username when the username is lost. This section of the Getting started with MediaWiki course will explain changing passwords, resetting the password, and finding the username. How do I change my password? When the Read More >

Managing User Accounts in MediaWiki

MediaWiki as an open source software that is designed to allow free access to the wiki site. This enables the site to be created by a group of users that have the experience and knowledge required to build the site. MediaWiki by default will allow users to create an account, edit their own profile, contribute Read More >

Installing MediaWiki with Softaculous

MediaWiki can easily be installed by using Softaculous in the cPanel Software / Services. When the manual installation proves to be to complicated, Softaculous can give the webmaster an easy way to install that is less time consuming. This tutorial will explain how to install MediaWiki using Softaculous. Installing MediWiki with Softaculous Log into cPanel Read More >

Installing MediaWiki manually

In the event that MediaWiki cannot be installed through a program like Softaculous or Fantastico, the MediaWiki software will need to be installed manually to the server. MediaWiki can be Downloaded from the Mediawiki site at the following link. MediaWiki 1.20.2 (download) The Version that will be installed is MediaWiki 1.20.2. Make sure the file Read More >