Changing the CSS in MediaWiki

MediaWiki has a unique way of making style sheet changes. There is a MediaWiki:Common.css page built into the program that stores global CSS changes. Instead of editing the .css files directly on the server, you can edit the MediaWiki:Common.css file through your MediaWiki admin. Below are the steps to add custom CSS code to your Read More >

Inserting a slideshow in MediaWiki

In MediaWiki, you can have multiple images fade or slide in an image slider. There are a few steps to do this, which involves editing source code files. Before we get started, you will need to obtain the “Extension:JavascriptSlideshow“. The Extension can be obtained at the following URL. Download the file to your Read More >

Editing the Footer in MediaWiki

MediaWiki has default links at the bottom of the page as well as a Powered by MediaWiki logo. These can be added and removed from the site to suit your needs. To remove the and add the links at the bottom, you will need an extension called FooterManager. The following can be added or removed Read More >

How to change the logo in MediaWiki

Changing the logo in MediaWiki is done differently than other programs. Where some programs, like WordPress for example, have the appearance section where the logo can be uploaded to the server, the MediaWiki logo is uploaded directly on the server. The image type MediaWiki uses for the logo by default is the .PNG file format. Read More >

How to change MediaWiki skins

The default appearance of MediaWiki can be changed to better represent your wiki site. The themes in mediawiki are called skins. Skinning the MediaWiki site is necessary in order to customize the site to your personal preferences. This article will explain how to change the skin and to upload a free skin in MediaWiki. Default Read More >