How to Enable File Uploads in MediaWiki

MediaWiki integrates files you upload fairly easily. However, by default the ability to upload files is disabled. In this guide, you can learn how to enable file uploads in MediaWiki Using an FTP client or cPanel’s File Manager, locate and edit the file named LocalSettings.php. This file, by default, is located in the root directory Read More >

Creating an Image Gallery in MediaWiki

Along with adding images in your MediaWiki articles, you can also add an image gallery to you MediaWiki page. Formatting the image gallery in MediaWiki is a little different than formatting individual images. For information on how to insert images into MediaWiki pages, please see our tutorial on How to insert images into MediaWiki. The Read More >

Formatting images in MediaWiki

If you do not know how to insert an image in MediaWiki, please see the previous article on how to insert images in MediaWiki. Formatting images in MediaWiki requires special wiki code to be inserted into your image code. Unfortunately, MediaWiki does not have the code built into their WYSIWYG editor. The following table will Read More >

How to insert images into MediaWiki

Inserting images in MediaWiki takes a few steps to accomplish. First the file needs to be uploaded. Then you will need to insert the code in the page that places the image in the content. This article will explain the steps to upload and insert images into your MediaWiki pages. Important! If you have not Read More >

Adding and removing redirects in MediaWiki

When renaming, deleting and restoring pages in MediaWiki, it is necessary to know how to redirect URL’s that are no longer working. When visitors bookmark pages or Google caches your old pages, they will get a “404 not found” error when looking for the old link. This makes it necessary to create a redirect in Read More >

Adding pages to MediaWiki namespaces

After learning how to create a MediaWiki page, you can organize your pages into namespaces. Namespaces in MediaWiki are similar to categories in that when you create pages and they can be stored in certain page locations. For example, You can have “How to?” pages stored in the “Help” namespace, or you can have discussions Read More >

How to edit MediaWiki pages

MediaWiki by default allows anyone to register and add content to your wiki site. Editing pages is fairly straight forward and is a basic function of managing a wiki. This article will explain the basics of how to edit your MediaWiki pages. How to edit the Main page The Main page is the home page Read More >

Deleting and restoring pages in MediaWiki

Pages can be deleted or removed from MediaWiki when spammers, abusers, and vandals deface pages or create unwanted pages on your site. When “deleting” a page, the page is actually not deleted. MediaWiki will remove the page from the site In the event a page was deleted by accident, you can restore the page from Read More >

How to format content in MediaWiki

After you learn how to create and edit pages in MediaWiki, you will want to add and format the content in your wiki site. This article is not an exhaustive resource for formatting content in MediaWiki and will only touch on the basic functions like bold, headline, and numbering the text. Wiki format editing functions Read More >

How to create pages in MediaWiki

Creating pages in MediaWiki is a simple task. When you search pages and they are not found, you can create MediaWiki pages from the search. You can also create pages by creating an internal link in a page. This article will explain the steps to create pages in MediaWiki with the search and the internal Read More >