How to Create a Marketing Pop-Up in WordPress

With WordPress, there are plugins available to simplify the creation of pop-ups for the purpose of marketing. But, keeping track of marketing promotions can be a difficult task. Everything from tracking the incoming email submissions to conversion rates should be monitored. Using this data, you can deduce the success of the marketing campaign. The Hustle Read More >

Intro to the Hustle Marketing plugin for WordPress

Website marketing can consume large amounts of time and effort. If you are using WordPress, there are many tools for managing your campaigns. With over 80,000 active installs, the Hustle plugin is one of the most popular and commonly used marketing tools.  Promote a new product or service and track the conversions all from your Read More >

Test WordPress Accessibility with Access Monitor

While WP Accessibility helps improve WordPress accessibility compliance, Access Monitor schedules different types of accessibility tests within your WordPress dashboard. Now, you can save and compare test results instead of depending on external web apps such as Accessibility is becoming a more known aspect of overall website performance whether you’re using our Nginx-powered WordPress Read More >

How to Add an Instagram Feed to Your WordPress Site

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Adding an Instagram feed to your WordPress site can help you interact with visitors and convey your message further. For example, if you are a charitable organization, you can post pictures of your events on Instagram and they will automatically post to Read More >

Getting Started: Constant Contact Plugin for WordPress

The information you collect from your website can be invaluable when trying to learn about your target audience. Allowing visitors to submit their email addresses is an important step when building an email campaign. Each address can be added to a mailing list so you can easily send a message to many people at one Read More >