Can I do a Search & Replace in the WordPress Dashboard?

Date: 08/02/2019       3 Minutes to Read In this article Ways to Search & Replace Why Search & Replace from the Dashboard? Search & Replace Plugins This article explains the benefits of performing a search & replace from the WordPress Dashboard. Then, we go over the most popular plugins for performing a database Read More >

Reset WordPress User Password Using WP-CLI

WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) is a WordPress function enabled for WordPress Hosting at InMotion. If you’re unable to login, there are multiple ways to reset your WordPress password, including via Softaculous. Here we’ll cover how to reset a WordPress user password using WP-CLI. Reset the User Password SSH into your server and the cPanel Read More >

How do I install Google Analytics to WordPress using a plugin?

WordPress provides different options to measure its performance, but Google Analytics is the most used option for checking the statistics of your website. Google Analytics can be installed without a plugin but this tutorial will demonstrate how you can install it using a Google Analytics plugin. There are many Google Analytics plugins, but the one Read More >

How to Optimize WordPress Using WP Fastest Cache

Caching is often required when trying to optimize your WordPress site. Performance grading tools like Google’s PageSpeed or Gtmetrix often recommend the use of caching in order to speed up the performance of your website. The plugins that are available are often quite complex, but surprisingly, WP Fastest Cache has a fairly simple interface in Read More >

How to Use the WordPress Manager in cPanel

If you have many users on your account using WordPress as their website solution, then you may want to consider using the cPanel WordPress Manager. You can learn how to use the WordPress Manager for installations, uninstalling, and automatic updates. This tool will make it easier to track and setup your WordPress installations. NOTE: The Read More >

How to Enable the WordPress Manager in cPanel

WordPress is a popular software application that is very often used to build websites on the internet. cPanel has provided a separate administrator tool that allows you to manage WordPress sites from a cPanel account. It allows you to install and reset passwords for the administrator account of the WordPress installation. The following article will Read More >

How to Change Passwords using the cPanel WordPress Manager

One of the more important features of the cPanel WordPress Manager is the option to change passwords. You can change the administrator user password and the database user password. This can help with the frequent requests for people who have lost or forgotten their admin password or for situations when there is a change in Read More >