How to add images and image links to your WordPress sidebar

The sidebar is a wonderful piece of real estate on your site to place relevant content that may not fit directly on a page or post. Most content in a sidebar is text, however you can certainly add some diversity by making some of those text links into buttons or image links. Adding an image Read More >

How to add navigation to your sidebar in WordPress

The sidebar of a website is traditionally used to place navigation links for visitors to find their way around a website. In WordPress, there are three basic navigation types: Pages, Archives, and Categories. You may add these to your sidebar to help your visitors be able to find content on your site more easily. You Read More >

Adding Nested Links to your sidebar in WordPress

Default and older WordPress themes use nested lists to present their sidebar information. A nested list is simply a list of unordered items inside one another. A simple example of a nested list is below: Flowers Lilies Roses Dogs Boxer Poodle You may have your own nested lists you wish to add to your sidebar Read More >