306: Setting Up SMTP in PHP-Fusion

In this tutorial we will show you how to enter your SMTP settings in PHP-Fusion. These settings will be used when your website is required to send outgoing emails. This is the recommended way to send emails from your website, as it is less likely to be flagged as spam on the recipient’s server.

How to Setup SMTP:

  1. Login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel.
  2. Go to the Settings section, and click the Miscellaneous button. There are several options available, we are only covering the ones required for SMTP. Below is a description of the available options:
    Option Description
    SMTP Host mail.example.com (Be sure to use your actual domain here.)
    SMTP Port You can use 25 or 587 here.
    SMTP Authentication? Make sure this option is checked.
    SMTP Username Enter your Email Address here. For example: username@domain.com
    SMTP Password Enter the password for your email address here.
  3. Click the Save Settings button.

Congratulations, now you know how to enter your SMTP Settings in PHP-Fusion! Now that you have entered your SMTP settings, here is a link to an article that covers Using the Contact Form in PHP-Fusion.

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