Office 365 DNS Setup Guide

In this article we will outline how you can obtain and configure the DNS records used for connecting your cPanel account to your Office 365 service. As the DNS records used for this are account-specific they will need to be obtained from your Office 365 account. Integrate Office 365 with your Shared Hosting account to Read More >

Finding your Email Settings in cPanel

This article describes how to use cPanel and Webmail to view your email settings. These settings can be used to set up your email account on your mail client or mobile device. Configure the IMAP (incoming) and SMTP (outgoing) to send and receive email with your device. Steps to Find your Email Settings Have Email Read More >

How to Setup Email on Your KaiOS Phone

Smart feature phones, basically non-touch devices with a Linux operating system (OS), have spiked in popularily in the last years. Why? They’re cheaper than smartphones More accessible and easier to use for seniors Nokia bar phones and similar are more durable Includes access to Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and more Many of these smart bar, slider, Read More >

How to Set up Email with Webmail

Email devices are often confusing to set up, but your InMotion Hosting webmail now makes it easier to set up email by providing a way to get the settings to a specific account. This will look different on a business shared business hosting account versus a VPS or Dedicated account. The different versions are shown Read More >

Set Thunderbird to Trust Junk Mail Headers

Spam filtering and other email authentication methods help protect you against phishing scams such as the “on this day I hacked your OS” email. The Spam Filters cPanel plugin (formerly called: SpamAssassin) adds headers to emails marked as spam. This allows email clients like Thunderbird to filter flagged emails that are pulled from the web Read More >

Problems Sending Email, Receiving is Fine

If you are unable to send email, but can receive you should first verify that you have your email client configured properly. Below are the SMTP SSL and Non SSL settings. You should use one of the following: SMTP Settings Non SSL Settings SSL Settings Incoming Server: Outgoing Server: Username: Your full e-mail Read More >

Setting up Email Filters

Now that you have created folders in the previous tutorial, you can use email filters to sort incoming emails directly into the corresponding folder. Let’s take for example, you have an e-shop and it delivers emails with the subject “New Order.” You can set up a folder called “New Orders” and have the emails go Read More >