How to make an image of email address

Email in plain text on Website

When you create a website, you will want to make it as secure as you can. Email addresses can be found on your site if they are in plain text. See image to the right. To prevent a SpamBot from getting your email off of your website, you can create an image out for the email address. This way the SpamBot will not see your email address. The following steps will teach you how to create an email address image.

Steps to create an email address image

  1. Visit your website in your browser.
  2. Snapshot your website

    Hit the Print Screen button on your Keyboard.

    Open your image editor and paste the snapshot into the editor.

    In this tutorial, we will show you with the default Microsoft Paint image Editor.

  3. Crop the image MS Paint

    Select the Crop tool.

  4. Select the email in the image MS Paint

    Select the email address found in your snapshot.

  5. Cropped version of image MS Paint

    Crop the image so you only have the email address left in the image. See image to the right.

  6. Upload the new image to your website image folder.
  7. Add Image code to site

    Paste the image code over where the email address text was. in this tutorial we are using the code below.

    <img src="email.png" alt="Contact" />

    Note! You will need to change the path to your image location on the server and style the image to fit in your specific site.

    Now Email is an image and not text on your Website

    Save the changes and visit your website. Now your email address will show as an image and not text. This will keep SpamBots from getting your email address.

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