How to Add an Email Notification Rule Using the WHMCS Ticket System

Once you have created a Notification Email Template you can assign the template to a particular Support Department using the WHMCS Ticket System. You can utilize this configuration to receive email notifications to a specific address when a ticket is received for each Support Department you create. In this guide, you can learn how to assign a notification email template to a Support Department using WHMCS.

Create Notification Rule

Once the Email Notifications have been configured, you can create a notification rule. In this example, the notification rule will be configured to send an email to the appropriate Support Department when a new ticket is received.

  1. Log into the WHMCS Administrative Dashboard.

  2. Hover over the Setup tab, then click on Notifications from the list of menu items.

  3. Click the Create New Notification Rule button.

  4. Enter a name for the rule into the Rule Name field. For this example, “New Technical Support Ticket” is entered.

  5. Select Ticket then select New Ticket from the list under the Ticket options.

  6. From the Department drop-down menu, select the Support Department you would like to create the notification for. For this example, Technical Support is selected.

  7. Under the Notification Settings section, select Email.

  8. From the Email Template drop-down menu, select the custom template you would like to use as the notification. For this example, New Technical Support Ticket is selected.

  9. Enter the email address(es) you would like this notification to be sent. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating each with commas. For this example, [email protected] is entered.

  10. Finally, click the Create button.

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