Editing your profile in SquirrelMail

SquirrelMail is no longer included in cPanel by default. It reached its end of life in 2013. InMotion Hosting has disabled SquirrelMail from Webmail but you can still install and use it for managing email if needed.

One of the more basic tasks you will want to perform after signing into your SquirrelMail for the first time is to edit your user profile. This article will guide you on how to make changes to your profile.

How to edit your profile

  1. Log into your SquirrelMail interface.
  2. From your Inbox, click on the Options link located in the top menu.

  3. Next, click on the Personal Information section.

  4. You are now on the Name and Address Options page. From here you can edit different aspects of your profile:

    Full NameEnter the name you want attached to your emails.
    E-mail addressThe email address attached to this profile.
    Reply ToIf you want a different reply email, enter it here.
    SignatureEnter your standard email signature to be sent on each email.
    Timezone OptionsHere you can change the timezone if you wish to use a different one than the server.
    Reply Citation OptionsThis changes the format of the reply email.
    Signature OptionsCheckboxes for whether you want to enable the signature and if you wish to use the ‘–‘ separator.
  5. Once you have finished changing your settings, you can click on any of the Submit buttons to have them take effect.

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