Thoughts on “How to Add a Mail Account Using iOS 11

  • It would be very helpful if you provided email setup instructions in a pdf document that could be easily sent to end users.

    • Hello and thanks for contacting us. If you need the instructions offline, you could do a screenshot of the webpage and convert the image to a PDF using a program such as Master PDF Editor. I hope this helps. Alternatively, you can simply save the webpage as a text file from the web browser.

    • These would be the “server settings” for your email account. You can access these in your cPanel. Links to how you can find these settings are available in the article above.

  • My cell Iphone stopped sending emails all of a sudden.  So, I deleted and reloaded my email account on my Iphone.  It’s connected to server Id212.  My Iphone allowed for the connection to inmotion and added the account.  However, my Iphone didn’t load any of my saved emails and is NOT sending or receiving any emails.  Is there something else that I need to?

    • Nope, there isn’t anything else to configure. Have you tried turning the device off and back on? This helps to re-establish the connection to the server from your device. If that does not resolve the issue, you should check the server to make sure the emails still exist there. If they do, you may need to manually set the IMAP Prefix. I hope this helps!

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