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After you install WooCommerce, you’ll need to know the features available to make the most of your first products. Below we cover some important capabilities regarding how to setup WooCommerce products.

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Create Products Import Products Export Products Product Variations Linked Products Product Handling

Create Products

Create products by clicking Products and Add New on the left of your dashboard. Learn more about the process in our in-depth article on adding a product in WooCommerce.

Import Products from a CSV File

  1. On your dashboard, click Products.
  2. Click Import at the top or if you have no products yet, Import products from a CSV file.
  3. Click Browse and select your CSV File. Continue.
    Browse CSV file
  4. Specify import settings and Run the importer.
    Specify import settings.
  5. When complete, View products to check the results.

Export Products to a CSV File

  1. Click Products on the left.
  2. Click Export at the top.
  3. Specify what to export and Generate CSV. Save the file.
    Configure export options

Product Variations

You can create variations of products – e.g. different sizes or colors of a shirt – when creating or editing existing products. Learn more about how to use product variations in WooCommerce.

Product Categories

Using product categories in WooCommerce helps customers filter products to find what they’re looking for faster.

Cross/Up-Selling Linked Products

Cross-sells are products you promote usually as complimentary in function, theme, or style to the current product.

Up-sells are better or more expensive alternatives to the current product.

Items from both categories can show when viewing that product.

  1. On the left, click Products.
  2. Edit a product.
  3. Scroll down to the Product data box and click Linked Products on the left.
  4. Add Upsells and Cross-sells. Update when done.
    Add Up-sells and Cross-sells

Related Products

Products with the same tag or category may be offered as Related Products on a product page of some templates. You cannot specify these as you can cross-sells and up-sells.

Product Handling

WooCommerce includes an useful option to add a handling fee to WooCommerce Checkout.

Learn more capabilities and best practices for e-commerce web design in our WooCommerce education channel.

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