How to Use Coupons in WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to add and manage coupons in your store. You can add as many coupons as you want and control necessary restrictions.

Any WooCommerce store manager will want to make use of the coupon system at some point. It is a great way to incentivize sales. For example, with a coupon, your customers may purchase items that they otherwise might not have. Likewise, you can provide coupon codes alongside advertisements to see which ads are driving more business to your store.

Enable coupons

First, coupon use must be enabled from the Checkout settings page.

  1. Log into WordPress Dashboard

  2. Under WooCommerce choose Settings

  3. Select the Checkout tab

  4. For Coupons check the box for Enable the use of coupons

  5. Under WooCommerce choose Coupons

  6. Click Add Coupon

  7. Fill in Coupon Code the customer will use when applying the coupon

Beneath, you will see the Coupon Data menu.

Coupon Data

What can you do with coupon data? Check out the table below to see a summary view of what you can do from the Coupon Data menu.

Coupon Data Options
General Discount type can be applied to Cart or Product. You can also control whether Free Shipping will be available when coupon is used, and when the coupon expires.
Usage Restriction From this menu, you can control restrictions such as Individual use only, maximum spend, Exclude sale items, Exclude categories, Products, etc.
Usage Limits Here you can configure a limit on how many times a coupon can be used or how many times a customer can use the coupon.

When ready, click Publish to activate your coupon.

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