Adding a Manual Order in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is designed to accept orders for your products in a very simple, straightforward way. However, there may be an occasion in which you will need to manually add an order on behalf of a customer.

In this article, you will learn how to set up one of these manual orders.

Adding the order

Follow along with the steps below to add the order.

  1. Log into your store’s admin area
  2. Under WooCommerce, click Orders

  3. On the Orders page, click Add Order.

  4. Fill in the General, Billing, and/or Shipping Details.

  5. Add products via the Add item(s).

  6. Click calculate total to see the final price.

  7. Click Save Order when ready.

General Details

In the general details section, you can control some of the basic information about the order. You can change the date of the order, the status, as well as the customer who is purchasing this item.

Billing/Shipping Details

The billing and shipping information can be inherited automatically from the customer’s, edited if necessary, or added manually. Remember, your customers can also edit their accounts from their.

Well done! You now know how to manually add orders in WooCommerce.

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Thoughts on “Adding a Manual Order in WooCommerce

  • What if I wanted to create a replacement order for a customer (their original product broke and we would like to replace it). I can seem to find an easy way to transfer over the customers shipping information. Right now, I’m finding their original order, copying thier details, pasting it in notepad, creating a new order, and pasting back the address/email/phone. Is there an easier way to do this?

  • I have many local customer which want to purchase goods offline and they need different price for there order because they purchase directly to my store how to change price for my local customers

    • If you’re going to have a local price for in-store sales that is a different price from your online pricing (not based on discounts, coupons, shipping or taxes), then you will likely need an extension for that purpose. There are many plugins that offer product variance pricing. You can also have it custom coded. Check out this post for different solutions to this issue.

  • Hi!

    First of all – please excuse my English – it is not my first language. 

    If I add an order manually, there is also the drop down field with payment methods (banktransfer – paypal – cc and so on).

    If I know, that the customer would like to pay via cc (and I do offer the option cc-payment during checkout, so everything is set up and working), and I choose cc-payment in the drop down field and save the order just like that, would the customer get a link or anything with the order confirmation or invoice or any other option I have in the drop down field “ORDER ACTIONS” up on the right, where I can save the order.


    Or let me ask it differently – how can I make the customer get a link for PP – cc – any other payment method when adding an order manually?

    I hope my question was understandable.

    Thank you, Linda

    • Hello Linda,

      This is a good question and one that other WooCommerce users have requested it as a feature so it doesn’t sound like it is part of WooCommerce. Here’s some WooCommerce: Managing Orders. There may be plugins for WooCommerce that resolve your request. You may also want to see if this article can help. If you need further assistance, I recommend speaking with WooCommerce support directly.

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