How to view Live Traffic for your WordPress site using Wordfence

As we continue our series on the Wordfence security plugin, we will now show you how to view live traffic to your WordPress site using Wordfence. Viewing your live traffic can provide insights into the people visiting your website. This is helpful when targeting ad campaigns, or trying to troubleshoot a change in your traffic patterns.

Viewing Live Traffic

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click Wordfence then Live Traffic in the navigation menu.

    You will then see information about the live traffic to your site. It will include the traffic Type (human, bot, warning or blocked), Location, Page Visited, Time, IP Address, Hostname, Response, and View setting.

    Click one of the listings to see additional details.

    You can also click the Expand All Results switch to open all of the listings for viewing.

  3. After expanding the traffic result, you can then choose to Block IP, Run WHOIS, or See Recent Traffic of the visitor.

  4. Click the Live Traffic Options to see or change the viewing settings. Wordfence advises that “these options let you ignore certain types of visitors, based on their level of access, usernames, IP address or browser type. If you run a very high traffic website where it is not feasible to see your visitors in real-time, simply un-check the live traffic option and nothing will be written to the Wordfence tracking tables.

  5. If you make any changes be sure to click the Save Changes button.

  6. You can also click the Filter Traffic drop-down menu to view traffic from a specific source. Available options are: All Hits, Humans, Registered Users, Crawlers, Google Crawlers, Pages Not Found, Logins and Logouts, Locked Out, Blocked, and Blocked By Firewall.

  7. Click the Show Advanced Filters option to see more settings. This allows you to filter traffic by date, group similar traffic, or use additional filters.

Congratulations, now you know how to view live traffic to your WordPress site using Wordfence!

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