Using the Jetpack Simple Payments Block with Paypal

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If you’re considering setting up a payment on option on WordPress site, you may want to consider using the Jetpack Simple Payments block. You can use this block along with a Paypal account to allow customers to provide payment for products or services. This block can be configured to use a credit card, debit card or Paypal. This tutorial will be focusing on how to set the button to use Paypal.

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Using the Jetpack Simple Payments Option

The Simple Payment block is only available with Jetpack Premium or Professional subscriptions. This tutorial uses Paypal as the payment processor, so it will be required for the directions below. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can easily create one for free.

The process of enabling the Jetpack Simple Payments button is done by placing it in your post or page. Follow the directions below to see how to use the button. Changes to the Jetpack settings require that you be logged into the WordPress Administrator Dashboard.

Create or Edit a post or page. This will place you in the WordPress editor. Note that the use of this block is based on using the current default editor of WordPress.

block search field to find the simple payments block
Search blocks for Simple Payments

Title your page or post, then create a new block where you want to put the Simple Payments button. You may need to create the post/page and then add your product(s) before you can proceed. When you are at the point when you can add the button, click in the search field.

Begin typing in “Simple Payments” and the button will appear. As soon as it appears, click on the icon labeled “Simple Payments button”

Jetpack Simple Payments block

This will bring up the Simple Payments block. It will have several fields you’ll need to fill in:

Product ImageThis option is located to the left of the item name and description. You can upload an image or use the media library of the item or service you wish to sell
Item NameName of the item or service that you want people to purchase
Description fieldThis is where you would describe your product or service
Cost and selected currency (USD $)By default, the currency is set to U.S. dollars, but you can choose a different currency as needed. Click on the field to type in a value or use the up and down arrows to adjust the price.
Toggle to let people buy more than one itemClick on this switch to allow people to buy multiple numbers of your item
Email addressType in the email associated with your Paypal account

The main advantage of using the Simple Payments block is for a few items that you can use for payment issues. It does not provide any inventory or other tracking for your sales. If you need more tracking and functions associated with a dedicated online sales system, then you should look for an ecommerce solution like WooCommerce.

Example of Simple Payments Block

Here’s how the button appears after you have completed configuring the block:

Example of how the block appears after the fields are filled out
Example of how the block appears after the fields are filled out

Congratulations! You now know how to use the Jetpack Simple Payments block configured for Paypal to request payment for a service or item. To learn more about using Jetpack, check out Using Tiled Galleries.

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