Using Downtime Monitoring in Jetpack

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People often say “time is money.” When you’re paying for a hosting service to host your website and it stops working, then you may feel you’re losing both time and money. Tracking downtime helps you to determine how much your website is affected by a loss of service. The Jetpack plugin for WordPress includes a downtime monitoring service. It will notify you through email when your site goes down. Follow the steps in the article below to learn how to activate downtime monitoring in Jetpack, and how you can configure it.

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Activating Downtime Monitoring in Jetpack

Enabling the service to monitor downtime is a simple process. You will need to be logged into your WordPress Administrator Dashboard with an administrator user to make any of these changes.

Downtime Monitoring notifications
  1. Click on Jetpack in the menu, then click on Settings.
  2. Your first page of settings should the Security page. Scroll down and then find the Downtime Monitoring option.
  3. Click on the slider labeled, “Get alerts if your site goes offline. We’ll let you know when it’s back up, too.” This will enable downtime monitoring on Jetpack.

Configuring Notification Settings

When you enable downtime monitoring in Jetpack, you also have the option to configure the notifications sent for downtime occurrences. It should be noted that you would also be sent notifications when the site is back up.

  1. In the same location where you enabled Jetpack downtime monitoring, click on the option below it labeled, “Configure Notification Settings.”
  2. You will be sent to your linked account. There are only two settings that you can modify. The first option lets you enable or disable downtime monitoring. The second option lets you determine if you want alerts sent to your account email.

This concludes our tutorial on enabling and configuring the downtime monitoring option provided by Jetpack. To see other features, check out Using Jetpack Premium Themes.

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