How to Update a WordPress plugin

In this article I’ll show you how you can update a WordPress plugin to its latest version. When you upgrade WordPress plugins to the newest release from the plugin developer, this ensures your plugins are fully compatiable with the most recent version of WordPress, which increases speed and security.

Another benefit you get when you update WordPress plugins is that updates can bring new features or functionality to your WordPress website. If you’re not familiar with WordPress plugins, they are small PHP scripts that extend the things you can accomplish in WordPress. You can take a look our our current recommended WordPress plugins for a quick idea of some of the function a plugin can bring to your website.

Usually you’re going to want to update WordPress plugins right after you update WordPress itself to the newest version out. In some cases after you’ve updated WordPress some of your plugins might not fully function any longer, and updating your WordPress plugins can solve this typically

Before your update your WordPress plugin I’d recommended that you backup your database, and also backup your website files. That way if something stops working with the new version of the plugin, you can easily restore your WordPress site to the previously working configuration.

Update WordPress plugins

Using the steps below you’ll be able to quickly update all of your WordPress plugins that are currently out of date up to their latest version.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. wordpress admin click on updates or plugins page

    You can click on either the update icon towards the top-left of the screen, or the Updates link from the left-hand menu to get to the WordPress updates page.

    Alternatively you can also click on the Plugins link from the left-hand menu to end up on the plugins page where you can also update plugins from.

  3. wordpress admin updates click select all plugins then update

    If you went to the WordPress updates page, you can simply check the box beside Select All underneath the Plugins section, then just click on the Update Pluginsbutton.

    You can click on the View version 2.5.7 details for a pop-up window showing the latest changes to the plugin.

    wordpress admin updates plugin update successful

    This will update all of your WordPress plugins at once to their newest releases, you should see a success page after the updates have completed.


  4. wordpress admin plugins click update now

    If you went to the WordPress plugins page instead, you can simply click on the update nowlink beside any outdated plugins to begin the upgrade process.

    wordpress admin updates plugin updated successful

    This will update the selected WordPress plugin to the latest version, and you should now see the update plugin page showing the plugin was updated successfully.

You should now know how to update your WordPress plugins either all at once, or one at a time. This will help keep your website running quickly and provide better security for your WordPress installation.

I’d also recommend you update WordPress themes that you might be using as well, to fully esnure your WordPress site is as efficient and secure as possible.

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