WordPress news plugins – SP News and Widget

In this article, we will walk you through the process of installing, configuring, and implementing an excellent WordPress news plugin called SP News and Widget.

Before beginning, be sure that you are logged into your WordPress dashboard.

What is the SP News and Widget plugin for WordPress?

The SP News and Widget plugin is an excellent plugin for WordPress that can be used to attractively display news both within a page or within a widget area. Using this plugin will allow you to show any news stories that you want directly within your WordPress site, such as new products, press releases, and more.

Installing the SP News and Widget plugin for WordPress

    1. WordPress SP news plugin installation step 1

      Thanks to WordPress having a built-in plugin installation system, as well as the plugin being available on the WordPress plugin database, you will be able to install the SP News and Widget plugin from right within your WordPress dashboard. To do so, click on Plugin to the left side of the dashboard, then on Add New. From here, search for “SP News and Widget”. The plugin that you are looking for should be the first result.

    2. WordPress SP news plugin installation step 2

      Next, click the link that says “Install Now”. From here, WordPress will automatically handle the download and installation of SP News and Widget. Once complete, click on “Activate Now”. Once the plugin is activated, its time to start using it.

Creating your WordPress page for the SP News and Widget plugin

Creating news within the SP News and Widget plugin step 1

Creating a page to list all of your news stories is quite simple. To do so, add a new page within your WordPress dashboard. Then, in that page, be sure that the permalink for that page is /news. Any blank page will be just fine, as log as the permalink is /news. From here, publish the page. Now, SP News and Widget will use that page for any news stories that you add.

Adding new news posts

Adding news posts in the SP News and Widget plugin

Adding news posts to your WordPress site is done directly through its own menu in the WordPress dashboard with this plugin. You may have already noticed that after activating the SP News and Widget plugin, that there is another menu option right under Posts now, labeled News. Clicking on that will take you to another edit screen to manage news stroies. Creating news stories here will be the same process as creating any other post on your WordPress site. Once published, they will show under the news page that you previously created.

Showing news within a widget

Showing WordPress news in a widget area

Just as the name of the plugin suggets, it also comes with a widget. To use it, just go to your widgets page under Appearance in the WordPress dashboard. Here, you will see any widgets available to you. Simply drag and drop the widget over the your desired widget area. Then, just give it a name and select the number of posts that you want it to show. Once done, just click Save. The widget is now active.

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