Removing the donation pages from your menu in Give

After installing the Give Donation plugin for WordPress, you may notice some extra pages showing up in your navigation menu, depending on your theme. These pages are necessary for the plugin but are not normal pages your visitors will click on. This article shows you how to remove them from the navigation menu.

Removing the extra pages from your navigation menu

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  2. Click on the Appearance option in the left hand sidebar and select Menu from the submenu options.

  3. From the menu screen, click on the Create New Menu link.

  4. From here, give your new menu a name and click the Create Menu button.

  5. Now the page is enabled for you to configure. Using the Pages section in the left hand sidebar, click on the View All tab. Next, select the pages you want to show in the menu. Specifically, do NOT select the Donation Confirmation, Donation History, or Transaction Failed pages. Click Add Menu when you are done.

  6. The pages you selected will appear in the Menu Structure. Once satisfied with the selection click on the Save Menu button.

  7. After saving the menu, click on the Manage Locations tab.

  8. Locate the Navigation Menu field and then select your new menu from the dropdown to the right.

  9. Click the Save Changes button to activate the changes.

Now you can visit your site and see that the menu has changed. It does not show the three default pages from the Give plugin. These pages are still active and will be called when needed during a donation transaction. Here we show a before and after comparison to show how the instructions in this tutorial changed our test site.

Before After

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