Wordfence Security Plugin Options

As we continue our series on the Wordfence Security plugin for WordPress, we will now go over the Wordfence Security options. Wordfence Security has the ability to scan your files, block IP’s, automate scanning, filter spam, and more. Below are the features available in Wordfence.

Note: Not all Wordfence features are free. For example, Country Blocking and the Advanced Comment Spam Filter are premium features and require a Premium license.

Wordfence Security Global Options

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click the All Options link in the Wordfence section of the navigation menu. Below is an outline of the available options.

Wordfence Global Options
Wordfence License View your free license or enter a premium license to upgrade.
View Customization Choose if you want to display menu items for All Options, Blocking, or Live Traffic. These will show up in the main Dashboard menu under “Wordfence”.
General Wordfence Options Set if you want Wordfence to update automatically, view/change your email address for alerts, choose how Wordfence gets IP addresses, hide your WordPress version, disable Wordfence cookies, pause live updates when window loses focus, set update interval, bypass the LiteSpeed “noabort” check, and delete Wordfence tables and data on deactivation.
Dashboard Notification Options Choose if you want to receive Dashboard notifications for updates, and scan status.
Email Alert Preferences Specify preferred email alerts from the options list.
Activity Report Set if you want to receive a regular email summary or enable an activity report widget in the dashboard.
Import/Export Options Import or Export your Wordfence settings.
Firewall Options
Basic Firewall Options Set your firewall status and protection level.
Advanced Firewall Options Delay IP/Country blocking, whitelist IP’s, block IP’s that access specific URL’s, or ignore IP’s.
Brute Force Protection Set your brute force protection rules here such as lock out options.
Rate Limiting Choose your rate-limiting settings here, for example you can set rules for bots or throttle specific visitors by behavior.
Whitelisted URLs Whitelist known safe URL’s that are sending requests to your site.
Blocking Options
Advanced Country Blocking Options Block specific countries here, this is a premium Wordfence feature.
Scan Options
Scan Scheduling Choose if you want to let Wordfence choose when to scan, or manually set the scan schedule if you have a premium license.
Basic Scan Type Options Set if you want to perform a Limited, Standard, High, or Custom scan.
General Options Choose what you want Wordfence to specifically scan for here.
Performance Options Set if you want to use low resource scanning, or manually limit the scan options.
Advanced Scan Options Exclude files from being scanned here, or add specific scan signatures.
Tool Options
Two Factor Authentication Options Enable Two Factor authentication here if you have a premium license.
Live Traffic Options Enable live traffic logging, set how much live traffic data to store, and ignore specific users, IP addresses, or user agents.
Comment Spam Filter Options Choose if you hold anonymous comments from members, or block comments that include blacklisted URL’s.
Advanced Comment Spam Filter Options Choose if you want to filter spam comments based on real-time list. This requires a premium license.

Congratulations, now you are familiar with the Wordfence Security options! In the next guide, we will show you how to scan your WordPress site for Malware with Wordfence.

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