Gutenberg 8.6 (Plugin) Update

This is a short summary of the Gutenberg 8.6 update. The latest changes include a Cover block with added video position controls and Block pattern updates. This article will display and describe these added changes.

In order to use the latest version of Gutenberg, you need to download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository.

Cover Block – Video Position Controls

Video Position controls in a cover block
The video position control has been added for Cover blocks. You can change the focal point of the video being displayed using the control.

Previously, the positioning controls were only available for image backgrounds. However, with this latest version, the control now also works with video backgrounds in the Cover block.

Block Pattern Updates

The other main update in Gutenberg 8.6 is the of block patterns. Here’s a quick summary of the added block patterns:

  • Large header and paragraph
  • Large header
  • Text two columns
  • Three buttons
  • Two buttons
  • Quote

You can see a screenshot of each pattern in the gallery below:

The Gutenberg editor continues to be improved with feature additions and bug fixes. Make sure to check our WordPress Education Channel for more information and tutorials on using WordPress. You can also find optimized and secure WordPress Hosting solutions through InMotion Hosting.

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