WordPress Plugins for Facebook and Twitter

Social media such as Facebook and twitter can be an important aspect of any business and can easily be integrated into WordPress website using plugins.  Many of these plugins will allow visitors to “like” your WordPress posts, automatically “tweet” your updates, and much more. Here are some popular plugins to take advantage of social media on your website.

If you already have a Facebook and/or a Twitter account (or plan on making one), you can integrate it into your WordPress website.  This will allow visitors to “like” your posts, automatically tweet your updates, and much more.  Here are the most popular plugins to use Social Media on your website.

Facebook and Twitter Plugins

Facebook Like Button – This is a very simple plugin, but very effective.  It will create a button by each post that your visitors can “like.” When they “like” your post, it will appear on their Facebook page.  This is an easy way to extend the social reach of your website.

Social Media Widget – This plugin will place on your Widget list the option to have a link to all of your social media pages.  You can place it anywhere on your side menu and it allows you to automatically point your visitors to a number of different social media sites, including facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, Skype, and much more!

Twitter – The official Twitter plugin allows you to synchronize your WordPress site with your a variety of Twitter services (including Vine and Periscope). Syndicating your WordPress content to Twitter is simultaneous and effortless with this plugin.

Google +1 button – This plugin allows you to add a +1 button to your website via a plugin. The button will also display a current count of how many times your page or post has been liked on Google Search. 

Each of these plugins link to their respective page on the WordPress website. To learn more or view screenshots of the specific plugin in action please feel free to visit the links we have provided. 

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