How to Identify Intensive Plugins in WordPress with the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

One of the great features of WordPress is that it’s very extensible, and you can add extra features and functionalty through the use of WordPress plugins. However not all plugins are created equally, and some plugins can cause much higher levels of resource usage than other ones.

One easy way to optimize WordPress is by ensuring you’re only using plugins that you actually need, and that you aren’t using high usage ones on a medium to high traffic site where it might be used a lot.

Profile your WordPress plugin performance

In order to find out which of your WordPress plugins is taking the most time to load on your website, you can use the P3 Plugin Performance Plugin. This plugin will break down the usage of each plugin on your site.

  1. Login to WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on add new plugin

    Under Plugins click on Add New

  3. Click on install now

    Type in P3 in the search box.

    Beside the P3 (Plugin Performance Plugin)

    click on Install Now

  4. Click on activate plugin

    Click on Activate Plugin

  5. Click on scan now

    Click on Scan Now

  6. Click on start scan

    Click on Start Scan

  7. Type in a scan name then click on auto scan

    Give your scan a name

    click on Auto Scan

  8. Click on view results

    Click on View Results

  9. NextGEN gallery using the most usage

    Here we can see the Nextgen Gallery is our highest usage plugin, and our plugins account for 82.7% of our total site usage.

  10. NextGEN gallery in detailed view

    If you click on the Detailed Breakdown tab, you can see even clearer which plugin is taking the majority of the load time.

Now hopefully you’ll understand how to track down any WordPress plugins that might be causing your site to run slow and using up excessive resources from the server.

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