How to Search by Course and Cuisine in WP Recipe Maker for WordPress

Continuing in our series on WP Recipe Maker, we are going to learn how to search our recipes by course or type of cuisine.

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The Importance of Data Input

One of the best habits you can take on when becoming a pro recipe blogger is to keep good data. Every time you create a recipe, be sure to add what course and type of cuisine this meal belongs to. This not only means your meals will be more organized, you and your readers will have a better idea of what kind of meals you’re best at and you can use this information to search recipes and gain other valuable insights.

How to Search by Course

In order to follow along with the steps below, be sure that you have access to your WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Select WP Recipe Maker from the left side panel
  3. Click the Courses tab

You will now see a table listing all of the courses you have available, and on the right of the table, you will see links to recipes associated with those courses.

How to Search by Cuisine

Following the same steps as above, you can search by cuisine. Instead of clicking the Courses tab click Cuisines. This way, you can see of the various cuisines and their associated recipes. You can create other types of cuisines when adding recipes to posts.

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