How to Add Social Media Icons and Social Media Feeds to WordPress

Social media is an important part of the digital world. Whether you love it or hate it, social media helps us stay connected and introduces us to new ideas and organizations. For your business’ online presence, social media can help you extend your reach, gain more customers, and increase your revenue. This article will show you how to add social media icons and social media feeds to WordPress.

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What are Social Media Icons and Feeds?

Example of social media icons

Social media icons are the iconic images at the top (the header) or the bottom (the footer) of the website. Each icon represents their respective social media platform and will link to your respective social media account. For example, the Twitter icon is the easily recognizable bird. When a visitor lands on your website and clicks on the bird in the header or footer, they will be taken to your Twitter profile. 

This functionality gives your website visitors another way to engage with your organization and provides them an easy way to share your products and services with their network. Tagging a friend in a social media post or reposting a social media post is much easier/quicker than sharing a website through email or text. It also extends your reach to their followers and beyond.

example of a social media feed

Social media feeds add dynamic areas to your website — usually in a sidebar or at the bottom of your website — that displays your social media posts. Social media feeds update periodically and will display your most current social media posts on your website. Depending on your business and the content you post to social media, social media feeds could add a pleasing visual element to your website and encourage website visitors to engage with your organization on social media. This is especially true for organizations that are visually captivating or use images heavily in their marketing, like photographers, boutiques, hair salons, pet grooming, college admission services, landscaping, etc.

Adding social media icons or a feed to your WordPress site is important for the growth and success of your online presence. However, it’s important to note that for a successful social media/website integration to work, you also must be active on your social media accounts.

When a website visitor travels to your social media page from your website, your social media account should be a trove of relevant information and resources per your organization’s industry. This will help build and maintain customer retention. Linking to dead or underutilized social media accounts, especially when other businesses are fully utilizing their social media accounts, will negatively impact your online engagement and can stunt growth. If you’re not going to update your social media accounts, do not integrate them into your website.

Using the Theme Customizer to Add Social Media Icons

Adding social media icons to your WordPress website is easy with most modern themes and editors. The instructions below will walk you through adding your social media icons to your WordPress website. Of note, the steps are similar no matter the theme or editor you choose to use. We used the Twenty Twenty theme for this article.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to Appearance>Customize
  3. From the Customizer menu, navigate to Menus
  4. Under Menus options, add a name for your social media menu in the Menu Name field and check the box next to Social Media under Menu Locations
  5. Next, click Add Items
  6. Click the triangle to the right of Custom Links
  7. Under Custom Links, add your profile URL in the URL field and text for the link in the Link Text field
    (Of note, the link text may not show per your theme. However, an icon will show per the platform profile link you add.)
  8. Click Add to Menu
  9. Your social media icon will now be added to the social menu area per the active WordPress theme
  10. Make sure you click Publish to save the changes
  • Adding social media icon in the customizer
  • adding social icon in menus options of customizer
  • social media icon added by using the customizer

You can also add your social media icons to your WordPress website with code if you wish!

Adding a Social Media Feed

Social media feeds aren’t a built-in feature like social media icons. However, you can easily add the functionality with one of the many free WordPress plugins available for social media feeds. Once you download and install the plugin, navigate to the plugin settings in your dashboard menu, add your social media profile and configure your feed display. After you’ve successfully created a social media feed, copy and paste the feed shortcode onto the page you would like the feed to display. 

Here are a few free social media feed plugins you can try to add a dynamic social element to your WordPress site:

With the guidance and tools above, harness the power of social media and extend the reach of your organization on the web. Learn more WordPress tips and trick on our WordPress channel!

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