Find Your Last Used Theme WIth WP-CLI

WP-CLI has many great tools for managing WordPress websites in SSH. You can view your currently installed themes using WP-CLI:

wp theme list
  | name   | status | update    | version |
  | square | active | available | 1.3.8   |

Sometimes theme files (wp-content/themes) aren’t transferred during migrations. In this case, nothing will show with the wp theme list. Below we cover how you may be able to see that last used WordPress theme.

Find Last Theme with WP-CLI

  1. Login SSH.
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your WordPress website.
  3. Ensure you’re in the correct directory with the following command:
    wp option get home && wp option get siteurl

  4. Type the wp theme list command. If no theme shows, use the wp option list command with the grep filter to view only the current theme line.
    wp option list | grep current_theme
          current_theme	Square
  5. If the theme name shows, install the theme using the wp theme install theme-name.

You can read more about using WP-CLI in our WP-CLI Education Channel. Please contact live support if you still have issues.

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