How to Delete your UpdraftPlus settings in WordPress

As we continue our series on the UpdraftPlus plugin for WordPress, we will now show you how to delete your UpdraftPlus settings. UpdraftPlus includes a tool that allows you to easily wipe all of your settings with just one click. This is helpful if you change your remote backup destination, or want to reset your backup settings to start over.

Deleting UpdraftPlus Settings

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. In the navigation menu click Settings then UpdraftPlus Backups.

  3. Click the Advanced Tools tab to open it.

  4. Click the Wipe settings link.

  5. Click the Wipe settings button.

  6. A warning will pop up stating “This will delete all your UpdraftPlus settings – are you sure you want to do this?.” Click the OK button to continue.

    You are finished when you see a message stating “Your settings have been wiped.

Congratulations, now you know how to delete your UpdraftPlus settingsdelete your UpdraftPlus settings


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