Creating a Page or Post in WordPress

When using WordPress, you’ll be working with Pages and Posts very often. For a photographer, you’ll generally want to use a page for your galleries or portfolio. If you want to highlight a specific image or have a set of images that you’ll continually update, a post may be better. There are more differences.

  • Posts include a time and date. Posts are great for feedback purposes as they can be sorted chronologically. You can find posts almost anywhere within a WordPress website. They hold most content you’ll share with your viewers.
  • Pages are not listed by date and they’re generally static, or unchanged.

Create a Page or Post

  1. Log into your WordPress Website directly or via Softaculous.
  2. In the left hand menu, hover your cursor over Pages and select Add New. Alternatively, you can select Pages and Add New.
    To create a Post, choose Posts instead.


  3. Edit the new page via Visual or Text (HTML) editor. You can also embed media uploaded to your WordPress site from external sources using direct links or oEmbed.

  4. Once you finish editing, you can Save Draft to save your work, Preview, and Publish to the public.

This is a very brief overview of WordPress posts and pages. Both options have features you’ll find useful. To see more information, please see our WordPress Education channel and Photographers Guide to a Simple WordPress Site.

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