Creating a Group in BuddyPress

Groups allow your users to subscribe to specific topics and belong to groups. You can organize the groups yourself or allow your users to create groups on their own.

From the Groups page, click on the button “Create a Group”


Next, you’ll notice you’re on the “details” tab. Fill out the information for the Group name and the Group description. Both of these fields are required.


Click the “Create Group and Continue” button and now you’ll be on the “Settings” tab. This tab is where you configure the groups settings. Select the privacy option you wish to assign for the group and select who can invite users to the group.


Now, click the button “Next Step”. You’re now on the Avatars Tab. You can assign a specific Avatar to the Group if you wish. If so, upload an image by choosing a file and clicking the “Upload Image” button.


Click “Next Step” and you’ll now be on the final tab labeled “Invites”. This tab decides who you can invite to this Group. You’ll be able to send invites at any time so don’t be alarmed if you cannot do so right now. BuddyPress requires you to have friend connections before you can invite users.


Click on the “Finish” button and you’ll now be taken to that groups page within BuddyPress!


If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our support department.

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