Create WordPress plugin script

In order to create a WordPress plugin, you first need to create a PHP script and place it in the proper location for WordPress to recognize it as a proper WordPress plugin.

Location of WordPress plugin scripts

If you installed WordPress in your document root, WordPress plugins would go here:


If you installed WordPress in a sub-directory called /blog, this would instead be:


Adding your WordPress plugin PHP script

Now that you know the location of your WordPress plugin scripts on the server. Simply use FTP or the cPanel File Manager in order to upload or create your WordPress plugin PHP script.

Create WordPress plugin directory

You’ll want to create a new folder for your plugin first. This folder can simply be named the same as your plugin name. In my case I’ve created a folder called /extra-post-info, so my full path to my plugin is now:


Create WordPress plugin PHP script

Now that you’ve created a folder for your WordPress plugin PHP script to go into, you want to create the PHP script that will control your WordPress plugin, and place it in the folder you created.

I’ve simply uploaded a PHP file to my newly created plugin directory, and called it extra-post-info.php:


In the extra-post-info.php script, I’ve placed the WordPress plugin File Header info for the plugin I’ll be creating:

<?php /* Plugin name: WordPress Extra Post Info Plugin URI: Description: A simple plugin to add extra info to posts. Author: Jacob Nicholson Author URI: Version: 0.5 */  ?> 

Accessing WordPress plugin script via WordPress dashboard

Now that you have a PHP script with WordPress File Headers inside of your WordPress plugin directory. Next login to the WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins to see your newly created plugin:

WordPress file headers viewed in dashboard

Create WordPress plugin function

With your WordPress plugin script started, the next step will be to create the WordPress plugin function that actually contains the logic of what your plugin will do.

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