Creating a Custom Donation Form in Give

Once you know how to create a Set Donation Form, you may want to know how to allow your donators to customize their donation and set their own amount. This is easily done from within the Give Plugin settings. Below we will demonstrate how to do that.

Creating a Custom Donation Form

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Locate the the Donations option, click it, and then click on the Add Form.

  3. Once on the Add New Form page, you can name your form. Be sure to give it a meaningful name as it will appear on the page when it is finished.

  4. On Donation Option settings, select the Set Donation option.

  5. If you like, you can set a suggested donation amount. Enter that in the Set Donation field. In our example, we entered $5.00. This $5.00 will display on the form automatically, but once we are finished the donator will be able to change this if they desire.

  6. Now you want move down to the next field, which is the Custom Amount option. Set the radio button to Yes.

  7. Once you do that, another field appears, named Custom Amount Text for you to enter any text to use as a label for the custom donation.Yes.

  8. Leave everything else as is and click on the Publish button.

  9. To add the form to new page, click on Pages and then Add New.

  10. Enter the name of your page.

  11. Select the Add Donation Form button.

  12. Select your desired form from the dropdown.

  13. Now, click Insert Form.

  14. Verify that the shortcode is inserted into the page body, then click on Publish.

  15. You may also need to add the page to your navigation menu before it displays on your site.

Your Custom Donation Form is now active and viewable on your site.

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