How to use the Widgets tab in the BoldGrid Customizer

In this tutorial we will give you an overview of the Widgets tab in the BoldGrid Customizer. This tab allows you to modify the background of the BoldGrid Theme you are using. This is helpful when branding your site, or adjusting it to suit your needs.

Using the Widgets tab in the BoldGrid Customizer

    1. Login to the BoldGrid Dashboard.
    2. Click the Customize link in the navigation menu.
      Customize BoldGrid site

    3. Click the Widgets tab.
      BoldGrid Customizer Widgets

    4. You will then see a list of available Widget Areas in your theme (these will differ based on the specific theme you are using). Roll your mouse over the Widget Areas to see where they are located on the page.
      View of Widget areas in BoldGrid

    5. Click on a Widget Aree to see what Widgets are installed there. Click the Reorder button to change how the Widgets are displayed in that Area. You can also click the Add Widget button to add a new widget to the Area.
    6. Click the Save & Publish button, once you have made your selections.
      Saving BoldGrid Widgets

Congratulations, now you know how to modify your website Widgets in the BoldGrid Customizer!

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Thoughts on “How to use the Widgets tab in the BoldGrid Customizer

  • How do I position my call to action text lower on the page?  I tried to enter some carriage returns before the text to push it lower, but these are ignored.  Is there anything else I can insert that will push the text to the lower part of the page but be invisible?

    • I was able to move the “Call to action” widget down the page by adding a margin above it. Here are the steps:

      1. Log into BoldGrid.
      2. Click the “Customize” link.
      3. Click “Widgets.”
      4. Click “Call to Action.”
      5. Click “Visual Editor: Call To Action .”
      6. You will see your call to action, click the “Text” tab.
      7. Add the following line of code above all the code (you may have to move the code down).
        &ltdiv style="margin-top:100px;"&gt&lt/div&gt

      This will move the call to action down 100 pixels. Adjust the number as needed. For example of you want the call to action further down the page you can increase this to 150px.

      Thank you,

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