How to Install BoldGrid using Softaculous

While you can install BoldGrid on an existing WordPress installation, we also have a way for you to install it as a one click installation. This is done through the software application installer known as Softaculous. Follow along below as we go over how to get BoldGrid installed in your account using Softaculous.

Installing BoldGrid using Softaculous

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. 01 click softaculous

    Click on the Softaculous Apps Installer icon located under the Software category.

  3. 02 click install

    Hover over the BoldGrid icon from the main Softaculous page and click Install.

  4. 03 software setup

    Fill in the fields for Software Setup.

    Choose ProtocolSelect whether to use the https:// or https:// (secure) protocol. Note that you need to have an SSL certificate installed to use the https:// protocol
    Choose DomainSelect the domain to which you want to install BoldGrid from the dropdown.
    In DirectoryIf you want to install BoldGrid into a subfolder and not the main domain, enter the folder name here. The folder cannot yet exist as it will be created upon installation.
  5. 04 site settings

    Enter your Site Settings.

    Site NameEnter the name of your site. Example: Joe’s Widgets.
    Site DescriptionEnter a tagline or subtitle. Example: The best site for widgets!
    Enable Multisite(WPMU)Checking this box will enable multisite. Leave this box unchecked for BoldGrid.
  6. 05 admin account

    Enter your Admin Account information to create the administrator account for your site.

    Admin UsernameGive the admin user a name. Do NOT use ‘admin’.
    Admin PasswordEnter your desired password. Pay attention to the strength indicator as the password you choose must be a strength greater than 40.
    Admin EmailEnter the email address you wish to use for the admin account. Make sure it is a valid email address so you can receive information from your site.
  7. 06 select language

    Choose the language you want to install for BoldGrid.

    Select LanguageSelect the language for your site. English is set by default.
  8. 07 select key

    Select the key box if you already have one or will be getting one from within your WordPress admin dashboard.

    I already have a key or will obtain one via the form in my wp-admin panelSelect this box.
  9. 08 select install

    Click the Install button.

During the install, you may be presented with an error indicating you have an htaccess file. You can either remove that file from your account manually, or select the checkbox to overwrite it and then attempt to install BoldGrid again.

Once you get the message BoldGrid was installed successfully, you can log into your site and begin building!

Thoughts on “How to Install BoldGrid using Softaculous

  • Hi, I registered an addon domain ( to create a new website with Boldgrid, but the Boldgrid icon is not showing up on the Softaculous page in my Cpanel for the one-click install as demonstrated in this video. My main website ( is active, created with the now dinosaur Frontpage. My plan is to build the new WordPress site and then point both domains to the new one when finished. Will this work?

    • This article may be premature in that all servers may not yet have the BoldGrid icon. They will soon, if not. As for your question about rebuilding the site and pointing the domains, yes, that will work.

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