BoldGrid – First Steps for New Website Creators

If you don’t have an existing website, then you’re in the right place. BoldGrid gives you a fully developed website built on WordPress that you can modify to your needs without coding and in only a short bit of time. Since BoldGrid works within the WordPress framework, you get the scalability and ease of use that is the strength of the WordPress application. You can increase the capability of your website by simply adding plug-ins from a free library numbering in the thousands.

Step 1 – Setup WordPress and BoldGrid

When you setup your account, you will be able to choose BoldGrid and it will be installed for you. You will simply need to know your URL (domain name). The passwords required for login will be given to you. This information will be provided to you with the completion of the account setup and registration. Note: An account requires a domain name. In order for your website to be accessible, the domain name must be valid and registered through a domain registrar. InMotion Hosting does provide domain registration services, but you can also use any domain registrar as needed.

Step 2 – Under Construction or Maintenance Mode Options

When you have registered your domain and your account has been created with BoldGrid, then your website will already be operational. You can type in your domain name and see the default WordPress site using the current default theme (Twenty-fifteen theme). At this point you can choose to setup an Under Construction” screen in order to inform customers when your website will be ready for access. You can also choose to use a maintenance mode plug-in that would show only for visitors to your site. Authorized users would be able to see your site as you modify it for your needs.

Using the Staging Option with BoldGrid

BoldGrid gives you another option for those who do not wish to show the website before it’s ready – it’s called Staging. The staging option in BoldGrid allows you have both an active WordPress site and a Staging WordPress site running at the same time. Viewers going to your website will only ever see the active website. This allows you to develop your Staging WordPress site that only you can see. It works through the normal WordPress interface making it easy to access and easy to use.

Step 3 – Choosing the BoldGrid Theme – Inspirations

BoldGrid comes with several pre-packaged themes that are also called Inspirations. When you first start using BoldGrid, you will find that choosing the Inspiration is the first step in getting your website up and running. Inspirations are completely packaged WordPress website themes based on popular industry categories (e.g. design, photography, fashion, real estate, music, marketing, etc.). Each Inspiration comes complete with graphics, pages, menus, and content fillers in order to show you how the website would appear when it is viewed on the internet. Each element of the site can be easily modified, making for a much quicker development time than building a website from scratch. Choose the theme that works best for you in order to proceed.

Step 3 – View the website and Modify it with your content

When you have chosen your Inspiration preview it so that you see the areas that you need to modify in order to tailor it for your needs. Modification of the site may mean changing graphics, colors or forms that make up each individual Inspiration. BoldGrid Inspirations use stock photography for many of its images, so in some cases you may need to replace the image or purchase an image license from the stock photo library. Make your modifications using the WordPress interface and then save your changes when you’re finished.

Step 4 – Deploy your Completed BoldGrid Website

When you have completed making your changes, you will be ready for the public to see your website. This point of the process is known as Deploying the staging site. Once you have deployed your staging site then your BoldGrid website is complete and viewable to the public. Congratulations, you now have a beautiful new website!

For more information about BoldGrid click here! If you’re not hosted with InMotion click here to learn more about installing your first BoldGrid Inspiration.

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Thoughts on “BoldGrid – First Steps for New Website Creators

  • I am attempting to change my site from web builder to wordpress and I’ve installed Bold Grid to a temporary location but everytime I follow the email link to access it and start building a new site I get the following message.  This is the 3rd time I’ve asked for assistance on this and my last before I setup a new site at a new host and leave inmotion.  What is wrong, why can’t I access the BG site to begin building a new site.  

    Paul Alters

    Error 404 – Not Found

    The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.”

    • I recommend checking your .htaccess file to ensure that you (and the server) are not being blocked from accessing the new installation. You can simply rename the .htaccess file temporarily to test this. If the results do not change, then I recommend attempting to install BoldGrid again in a directory separate from your domain. If you need more assistance, you can always reach out to our Live Technical Support team.

  • I already have a website on inmotionhosting. I am told  that it needs b updated to wordpress. I see your instructions for a new web page, but I like the one I have and don’t want to start over. What do I need to do.


    • Hello,

      Thanks for your question about the website. You don’t have to change it over to WordPress, however, if you need to make changes the tool that you used previously may not be available. The old website should work on the server as it is.

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