How to Manually Install BoldGrid

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install the BoldGrid plugin suite for WordPress. You can then begin building your BoldGrid website. Note that this tutorial is for those looking to install BoldGrid on an existing WordPress installation. If you have not already done so, install WordPress to your desired domain.

Manually Installing BoldGrid

  1. Download the BoldGrid plugin and login to the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Roll your mouse over the Plugins link, and click Add New.
    Installing BoldGrid Plugin

  3. Click the Upload Plugin button.
    Uploading BoldGrid

  4. Click the Choose File button on the Add Plugins page, choose and open the BoldGrid plugin, then click the Install Now button.
    Choosing BoldGrid File in Dashboard

  5. When you see a “Plugin installed successfully” message, click the Activate Plugin button.
    BoldGrid Activation

  6. You will then be on the Plugins page. Enter your 32 digit BoldGrid Connect Key in the BoldGrid API Check section, then click the Submit button.
    BoldGrid API Check

  7. You will then see a message stating “The BoldGrid Inspirations plugin requires these other plugins for best results. Please click to install and activate.” Make sure the listed plugins are checked, then click the Install button.
    BoldGrid Additional Plugins Installation

  8. You are finished manually installing the BoldGrid plugin when you see an “Installation successful!” message. Click the Plugins link in the Dashboard, to see them listed.

Congratulations, now you know how to manually install BoldGrid. Install your first Inspiration to begin creating your BoldGrid site.

If you are not an InMotion customer, you can visit the Manual Installation of BoldGrid and other articles click here to visit the BoldGrid Support Center.

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Thoughts on “How to Manually Install BoldGrid

  • I am trying to use BoldGrid but it just spins and never allows me to type in text.  How do I get this to work?  I am trying to use the WPBakery

    • Hello,

      Sorry for the problems with BoldGrid and WPbakery. Both of these options build pages for WordPress, they are not meant to work together. You may need to stop using one of them in order for the other to work.

  • I am trying to develop my website in WordPress. Everytime I try to edit a field. Boldgrid just spins and I can never update the field.  I am not sure what i am doing wrong.

    • I recommend disabling any other plugins you may have installed for WordPress. This will help to identify (by process of elimination) if another plugin is causing the issue. If this issue persists, it would help to know which version of WordPress, BoldGrid plugins, and Inspiration/theme you are using to further assist you with trouble shooting.

  • I too am a reseller and encountering all sorts of difficulties.  Wasn’t even aware of this one.  So how then does one of my clients make more advanced edits to their site if they can’t purchase coins?

    • Hello Rick,

      Coins are not needed to make any edits to the site. They are strictly for purchasing rights to photographs through the BoldGrid store.

      Each client can have their own key, and should. They are able to get the key upon installation of the Inspirations plugin when BoldGrid is first installed.

      What are the specific issues you are encountering?

    • I’ve sent an email but not received any response. I am an InMotion reseller. I have installed BoldGrid manually on a couple of my client’s sites. In order to activate them, I have to use my key, as I haven’t foound an option to provide them their own key. Also, if they want to purchase coins, there is no way for them to do so. BoldGrid allows me to purchase coins for my master site, but I can’t pass the coins along or sell them to my clients. Is there a way to be able to sell coins to my clients or to create their own key for their sites?

  • Manage bold grid does not appear in the manage my account section of AMP, however there is an “Install Bold Grid” in the website area.

  • I did not get the option to also install editor and staging….all I see in installed plugins is inspirations. Is there something else I need to do?

    • The other plugins will install as needed by Inspirations itself. This will likely occur when the theme is installing.

  • You mainly need to tack on your ID number found in the AMP Panel onto the back end of the download URL then upload that zip file like any other plugin. Then you need to activate, follow the prompts to activate a couple of other plugins and insert your 30 to 35 character key and activate.

  • I have a reseller account, but i have not download Boldgrid. Where do i find that to download and I want 32 digit BoldGrid Connect Key in the BoldGrid API Check

    • Hello Robert,

      That is not good! This should not be a BoldGrid specific error, however. A 500 error on your plugin page would need to be checked out by our Live Support team. Give them a try and I’m sure they will have you fixed in a jiff!

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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