Using BoldGrid with an existing WordPress Site

If you’re a user who already has a WordPress or BoldGrid created website, then you may be interested to know that creating another website -even using the existing website URL- is simple using BoldGrid’s Staging option. The Staging option allows you to run an active WordPress website while at the same time develop another website that BoldGrid refers to as the Active website. The steps below show you how you can easily use the Staging option to build your next website. If you are using BoldGrid with a different domain name, then it will require a separate WordPress installation.

Using the BoldGrid Staging Option

  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator
  2. Click on Inspirations in the menu at left
  3. You will see a window appear with instructions and the options to Install as Staging or Install as Active. If you Install as Active, it will replace the theme of the current site. Choose to Install as Staging.
  4. Select the Category for your website from the presented list. Click on Select in order to proceed.
  5. Several themes will load and you will need to select the one that you wish to use. You can always click on Live Preview in order to see each theme. Click on Select in order to proceed.
  6. The next step in selecting the theme/inspiration is to verify the Page Set that is available for that theme. In order to change the Page Set option, click on Select under the Page Set list.
  7. Once you have confirmed the Page Set that you will use, click on Select above the theme screenshot next to the button labeled Preview. If you wish to view the pages before you select the Staging theme, then click on Preview.
  8. Click on Install this website! button in order to proceed. This will load up the website so that you can use it in Staging.
  9. After the website theme has completely loaded you will get a box labeled Congratulations along with instructions on how to proceed with customizing your site. Click on the Customize button at the bottom of the window, or click on Customize at left in order to make changes to your Staging website.

At this point you will have an Active site and a Staging site. You can view or customize the Active site any point by hovering over the site title at the top of the WordPress Administrator. Or you can click on Customize and you will see that you can choose to customize the Active or Staged site.

If you have any BoldGrid specific questions, feel free to visit the BoldGrid Q&A page on the official BoldGrid site.

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