How to change the favicon for your BoldGrid Site

Favicon in BoldGrid for WordPress

In this tutorial we will show you how to change the favicon for your BoldGrid website. This helps you customize the site you are creating in BoldGrid.

Changing your BoldGrid Favicon

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click Customize in the navigation menu.
    Customize BoldGrid
  3. Click Site Identity on the left menu.
    BoldGrid Site Identity
  4. Under Site Icon, click the Select File button.
    Choosing Favicon in BoldGrid for WordPress
  5. You can then choose an image from your Media Library, or click the Upload Files tab to add a new image. Click the Select button to add the image.
    BoldGrid Favicon selection
  6. Since the favicon must be square, you will be given the option to resize/crop your image. Adjust the image size, and click the Crop Image button, or click Skip Cropping to proceed (there will be a Preview on the right side of the screen). You will then see your favicon display in your browser.

Congratulations, now you know how to change the favicon for your BoildGrid website.

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