A Beginner Guide to BoldGrid

Even the most tech-savvy people can find it a challenge to maintain their business website. Many websites are built with WordPress, and the content management system (CMS) goes a long way in helping people get their site up and running with relative ease. But it’s not always intuitive, and making changes to the settings without a net, so to speak, can be stressful. That’s where BoldGrid comes in. This beginner guide to BoldGrid introduces you to a user-friendly WordPress plugin that enables anyone to easily customize their website with drag-and-drop design while also harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO) for effective digital marketing.

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What is BoldGrid?

BoldGrid is a specialized plugin that can be added to your WordPress installation to enhance not only your website design and maintenance, but maximize both in service to your digital marketing goals. BoldGrid allows users to add pages to their website and content to those pages with just a few clicks. Making design changes to your website template can be a little tricky, as many require you to really “get under the hood,” and if you make a mistake, it can alter the look of your whole site and interfere with some functions. One of the great things about WordPress is that it accepts plugins to make it easier to use so that folks with less technical knowledge of how all the pages and functions work behind the scenes can still generate results that look like they require a lot of technical know-how. 

An easy way to think about WordPress and BoldGrid is to compare it to baking and assembling a gingerbread house from scratch versus buying a kit with all of the pre-baked parts and icing for assembly. The end result can look the same; it will just take a lot less time and aggravation to get that beautiful finished product with a little help. 

Active and Staging Sites

How many times have you made an edit or revision to your website and crossed your fingers hoping for the best? And then how many times have you had to roll back changes because something didn’t look or work the way you wanted it to? With BoldGrid, that will never be a problem again. The active and staging sites make it possible to test changes before implementing them on your live site, allowing you to make changes with confidence. 

This arrangement not only offers the security of design freedom without risking your live website, but it also improves workflow efficiency and cost savings. While one team is preparing content, another can be developing draft website design changes in the staging area at the same time, adding content as it becomes finalized. Teams can collaborate in advance on new pages coming online, instead of an extended review, feedback, revise cycle that can mean missed opportunities and lost time.

BoldGrid for Beginners and SEO

BoldGrid is uniquely primed for SEO because of its own BoldGrid SEO plugin, designed to work seamlessly with WordPress. Users see real-time effects of their SEO changes and can preview their site to see how their search engine ranking can improve after content and design revisions are made based on SEO strategies.

BoldGrid’s SEO plugin assists users with several important page elements that, when taken together, can help or hurt your site’s search engine ranking. In writing and editing your website content, the SEO plugin can help you manage your keyword density, page content, and content length. Alerts will help ensure your page titles, page descriptions, and header tags support rather than detract from your SEO strategy. Behind the scenes, the SEO plugin can guide you toward using image alt tags and follow/no-follow links appropriately, and developing canonical URLs to eliminate problems with too-similar content across pages. 

Things to Remember When Building SEO Strategy 

Building a website requires many small details that contribute greatly to the success of the final product. When mapping out your website or adding new pages, incorporate an internal linking strategy. This helps increase site visibility. And when your visitor traffic arrives, make sure they don’t see the dreaded 404 Page Not Found error. If it happens enough times, it will start to depress your Google search ranking. And make good keyword choices. While you might not make top ranking for your first-choice keywords, you can always improve your site’s keyword ranking with strategic SEO planning. 

Your company’s website is the best chance you have to make a good impression to potential customers online. BoldGrid can make it easy to design an aesthetically pleasing website with optimized content primed for effective search engine indexing. This can drive your search engine ranking while making it easier for your audience to find you. InMotion Hosting is committed to supporting businesses that build their websites on WordPress platforms using BoldGrid plugins with reliable and secure hosting services.  Contact our sales team today to learn how our WordPress Hosting solutions can help your goals.

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