How to Backup WordPress with BackWPup

In this tutorial, we will show you how to backup your WordPress site using the BackWPup plugin. This lets you easily schedule and perform backup directly from your WordPress Dashboard. This is especially helpful if you are not able to backup your site with Softaculous, or you do not need a full cPanel backup.

Install BackWPup Plugin

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click the Plugins link.

  3. Click the Add New button.

  4. Type ‘backwpup‘ in the search box.

  5. You will see the BackWPup plugin by Inpsyde GmbH listed. Click the Install Now button.

  6. Once the plugin has been installed click the Activate button.

Backup WordPress

Now that the BackWPup plugin has been installed, we will show you how to create a backup of your WordPress site.

  1. If you are not in the Dashboard log in.
  2. Click the BackWPup link in the menu.

  3. Click Add new job.

  4. Name this backup in the Job Name section.

  5. In the Job Tasks section choose the backup you want to perform. Options are Database backup, File backup, WordPress XML export, Installed plugins list, and Check database tables. We recommend choosing Database backup, and File Backup at least.

  6. In the Backup File Creation section you can change or customize the Archive name, or format. In my tests, I used the default settings.

  7. Choose where you want your backup file stored in the Job Destination section. For this guide I am choosing the Backup to Folder option.

  8. Enter an email address in the Log Files section if you want to be notified of any errors.

  9. Click the Save changes button to save this backup job.

  10. You will then see a message staing the changes have been saved. Click the Run now button to backup your WordPress site.

Congratulations, now you know how to backup your WordPress site using the BackWPup plugin! In the next guide, we will show you how to schedule the backup to run regularly.

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